Thursday, February 11, 2010


i think i do believe that we were all born as broken pieces of something, and we have to find the other pieces back together to see what it is.

so we were all born as a broken piece of something but at the same time, each piece is perfect. and unique...

It's just... why do I feel more broken as I grow up?
I used to feel like I was perfect as if I felt completed just by myself but now that through time maybe people come and go and take away part of my identity and a piece of me who already is just a piece of something else.

maybe we all need to find our pieces back, but at the same time during the journey, to find happiness in acceptance of being little broken pieces.


  1. i don't know why i feel exactly opposite. i feel like i gained all different identities through the years. i do understand what you are saying, they took some pieces, but also gave us new pieces as well, like exchanging. maybe not all the new pieces you got is what you want at the mean time, but it might be just right in the future.

    by joyce

  2. that's right. I think an exchange is deff the way to put it. yeah maybe just because the exchange might not be a easy feeling but i guess those pieced added to me will become part of me and become useful in my life and even make me a more dynamic character. maybe i need to look on the other side, I do gain more different identity like u said and maybe that is the art of living:) thank u joyce