Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Le Petit et Le Grand

Made this little piece last year for my flash class final, enjoy...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Taiwan Lantern Festival Neon Animal Design

Me and Judy Lee designed some Neon Animals for the Taiwanese Lantern Festival. They are made into neon lights displayed in a Hakka Pavilion, which is a big round building.

Pretty mysterious and dreamy looking! and it's getting some press on Taiwanese television!

Check it out! click on the image, it starts around 2:40 into the clip.

This Video also includes work of Justina Zun-Zun Chang, who did the Mascot Bunnies for the festival, and Peyton Skyler who did the waterfall projection in the first Pavilion in the video.

ps. The TV Show is pretty curious too with the opera singing and Mechanics, very mysterious combo!

a little moment of my thesis film

I've been pretty secretive about my thesis, mostly because I haven't had time to update my blog and I've been working at home. but thought i would share a little on what I'm doing!

IT's A 2.5D GOAAT!!


i love sea creature!

these things are full of bones!


Dr. Crocodile and The Floating Man
Evil Croc, Ms. Rose and TA Harrison
Art works from METAVERSE! pitch book

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

skHIGHpe me!

::my stoner girls and boys::
skHIGHpe me!

is now aired on skype LIVE!
tune in to account name: skHIGHpe
and bake with us!

to find out more about skHIGHpe
tune into account name skHIGHpe on skype and find out!

and this is a flash assignment of mine,
masking assignment

Video is up click the image!!

(this is just a project, it is not related to any kinds of illegal business)

Friday, October 22, 2010



character design in flash using line tool

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

visiting a dream as Winnie the Pooh

I visited a dream with some friends this weekend,
in a painted golden afternoon,
and we all fell in love
with that perfect dream..

it was like visiting an old friend,
an old friend that I use to know very well,
and taking a break from being an adult..

the funny thing is that i never got to take a photo of that big lonely giant we all fell in love with....

but if I could say,
that was his dream that we visited,
and we all fell in love
with that perfect dream of his.

Monday, August 2, 2010

the collectors

aren't we all finding ways to make our existence feel more tangible?
but what is tangible?

is it that you can touch it? is it that you can see it? or is it that it won't change?

but our existence is intangible,
one moment we are here, and another, we are not.


it's like we never existed before.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

the man who owns an eternal garden

There's a man who lives on the ground floor,
he has a lovely apartment with a beautiful garden on the back.
He loves his garden,
so much that he can't bare thinking of anything happening to his plants or flowers or grass.
that would make him very sad.

so he made the garden eternal,
so nothing would ever change there.

Well, not with magic, of course,
he replaced all his plants and flowers and grass,
with plastic plants, flowers and grass.

and they look beautiful,
as if they were real.

he's looked all over the world for all kinds of different plastic gardening stuff,
he's got those beautiful pink flamingo,
and those fake grass that are so green it always feels like spring.
He's also got those adorable garden gnomes that smiles like sunshine dipped in honey,
that stands around the grass protecting the eternal garden.
he's got all kinds of plastic trees, and plastic birds,
he even has the sound track for all kinds of forest and jungles that he can choose.
sometimes he's in India in a jungle,
sometimes he's in the Amazon, rain forest

and it is beautiful
as if it was real.

With a tint of sunlight reflecting on the surface of the plastic,
the garden looks like it is covered in glitter.

he made the garden eternal,
so nothing would ever change there

and it is beautiful
as if it was real.


Monday, July 26, 2010

the guy who collects empty books

There is a guy who lives on the floor under,
his place is small, and packed.
Packed with books,
books that he collected through out the years he's lived.
but they are no ordinary books that we think of,
they are books that are empty inside, blank books.
you know, the kinds that people buy to sketch or write in.

He travels a lot, he goes to all kinds of places, and where ever he sees a pretty blank book,
he could not resist to buy one and bring it home to his collection.
He has all kinds of empty books,
some are hand stitched,
some are hard cover,
some have lines,
some have boxes,
some have fabric covers,
some have leather jackets,
they are all blank books.

and he doesn't write in them, nor draw in them.
he just keeps them in his place,

on the shelves,
on the floor,
on the table,
in his room,
under his bed.

they are all empty books.

when I finally got a chance to take a glance at his collection,
it's fascinating how beautiful these books are, they are from all kinds of places in the world, made by all kinds of different ways. ready to be written in or doodled in,
but they are just quietly sitting on those shelves, laying on those tables.
so blank, and so empty.

I couldn't resist but to ask the question.

"Why don't you write in them? nor sketch in them?"

He looked at those books, those empty books,
and said:
"There's all kinds of books in the world out there, written by all kinds of people, some with illustration some with photos. All filled with words and thoughts of those people."

He gently takes down one of the leather bind books, "keeping each of these empty books on the shelves, with every page that's in it, is like I stole a page from that vast world of books. Somehow in that world now, is missing these pages that I stole,
I stole those pages from those writers,
from those thoughts to be written in them.

and they are mine,

somehow, me keeping these pages here gives me all those empty space, and I feel safe,
because I feel like I have a place to exist.
I could write in them, or draw in them, or I can do anything I see fit to them.
It doesn't matter what I do to them,
owning them makes me feel safe,
like I have a place.
those are my pages."

and those are his empty pages in his empty books he collected.
those are his pages.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The lady who is very fond of collecting herself

There is a lady who lives on the floor above.
She has a lovely one bedrooms apartment which she takes care of a very big deal.
She has a great deal of collections of furniture, antiques and all sorts of decorations she's collected from all kinds of places she's been.

But there is one kind of thing she finds it most precious to collect,
and she is very fond of herself,

On her lovely wall of her lovely apartment there hung all the lovely photos of her lovely self in all the lovely places she has been.

And she is very fond of her collection of herself on the wall.

In all of it she looks lovely with her perfectly permed hair and make up, she smiles and poses in her perfect moments as if she is a super star. As if she goes around the world with a personal stylist and photographer to take PERFECT photos of her in those scenery.

She loves those photos, those perfect moments of heself.

Beauty is her possession she often thinks to herself.

"I'm so beautiful." she always murmurs when she stares at those photos of herself.

"I'm so beautiful." that's all she can think of for hours everyday.

She ought to preserve all these perfect moments of her beauty.
So she posts them and hangs them on her wall, she covers her apartment with these moments of perfection. Some neatly hung with frames, some orderly posted.

She bathes in such vain and she admires herself in the photos when she cleans the kitchen, and when she is having lunch, or when she is sipping her tea in the afternoon. she looks at those photos and she thinks to herself, that she is so rich to have such beauty that she can keep on her wall and she ought to take good care of her collection.

There is a photo of her in Egypt, with the pyramid behind her, there's her in Yellowstone National Park smiling.
All the same, she looks bright and sure, her smile, sure as plastic almost.

And she is very fond of herself.

In her living room, she has 1,286 different photos of herself in all kinds of places smiling all the same on the wall, and 137 framed neatly spread out all over the place, on her fire place, and her neatly organized shelfs, and some photos she fancied so much she printed it out over and over and posted it over and over.

Because she is very fond of herself.

There is such person as my neighbor who lives on the floor above. When our paths occasionally crosses on the hall way, (which doesn't happen very often), she says hello very kindly and I do the same, and I often give compliments on my way because I know that she will be delighted to hear them and I can see in her eyes that she is eager to go home so she can bath in that room of vain and think of all kinds of compliments in the world to herself, her lovely selfs she's collected on her wall.

She is very fond of herself.

Friday, June 25, 2010

death of the light bulb collecter

there is a man, who collects light bulbs.
He lives right next door to my apartment, I mean he collects all these lamps and light bulbs, too many that he used up all his plugs.
he needs to get extension cords.
he just can't stand any shadow, it's like a phobia.
He just can't stand the shadows there, he fear them.
so he collects lamps and light bulbs, he uses up all the plugs that are there,
to get rid of the shadow.
too many things plugged in, he blows the electricity in the building.
it went all dark, all covered in shadows.
and so he died, from his fear, in the shadow.

so there, that was the first time I ever knew that he collected light bulbs.
and he lived next door to my apt, he was my neighbor all these years.