Saturday, June 26, 2010

The lady who is very fond of collecting herself

There is a lady who lives on the floor above.
She has a lovely one bedrooms apartment which she takes care of a very big deal.
She has a great deal of collections of furniture, antiques and all sorts of decorations she's collected from all kinds of places she's been.

But there is one kind of thing she finds it most precious to collect,
and she is very fond of herself,

On her lovely wall of her lovely apartment there hung all the lovely photos of her lovely self in all the lovely places she has been.

And she is very fond of her collection of herself on the wall.

In all of it she looks lovely with her perfectly permed hair and make up, she smiles and poses in her perfect moments as if she is a super star. As if she goes around the world with a personal stylist and photographer to take PERFECT photos of her in those scenery.

She loves those photos, those perfect moments of heself.

Beauty is her possession she often thinks to herself.

"I'm so beautiful." she always murmurs when she stares at those photos of herself.

"I'm so beautiful." that's all she can think of for hours everyday.

She ought to preserve all these perfect moments of her beauty.
So she posts them and hangs them on her wall, she covers her apartment with these moments of perfection. Some neatly hung with frames, some orderly posted.

She bathes in such vain and she admires herself in the photos when she cleans the kitchen, and when she is having lunch, or when she is sipping her tea in the afternoon. she looks at those photos and she thinks to herself, that she is so rich to have such beauty that she can keep on her wall and she ought to take good care of her collection.

There is a photo of her in Egypt, with the pyramid behind her, there's her in Yellowstone National Park smiling.
All the same, she looks bright and sure, her smile, sure as plastic almost.

And she is very fond of herself.

In her living room, she has 1,286 different photos of herself in all kinds of places smiling all the same on the wall, and 137 framed neatly spread out all over the place, on her fire place, and her neatly organized shelfs, and some photos she fancied so much she printed it out over and over and posted it over and over.

Because she is very fond of herself.

There is such person as my neighbor who lives on the floor above. When our paths occasionally crosses on the hall way, (which doesn't happen very often), she says hello very kindly and I do the same, and I often give compliments on my way because I know that she will be delighted to hear them and I can see in her eyes that she is eager to go home so she can bath in that room of vain and think of all kinds of compliments in the world to herself, her lovely selfs she's collected on her wall.

She is very fond of herself.

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  1. I absolutely adore this story. Is it all true? I likeeee iitttt.