Friday, June 25, 2010

death of the light bulb collecter

there is a man, who collects light bulbs.
He lives right next door to my apartment, I mean he collects all these lamps and light bulbs, too many that he used up all his plugs.
he needs to get extension cords.
he just can't stand any shadow, it's like a phobia.
He just can't stand the shadows there, he fear them.
so he collects lamps and light bulbs, he uses up all the plugs that are there,
to get rid of the shadow.
too many things plugged in, he blows the electricity in the building.
it went all dark, all covered in shadows.
and so he died, from his fear, in the shadow.

so there, that was the first time I ever knew that he collected light bulbs.
and he lived next door to my apt, he was my neighbor all these years.


  1. isn't this the story you made with the guy that has the lightbulb hat? its a pretty cool story and I can see it getting more and more suspenseful as it goes on. But sersly, this guy is a weirdo haha