Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Finally finally finally! My final film of my 3rd year at SVA is up!

celestetv proudly presents: Blankfillers

dedicated to all of us blankfillers out there,

this film has evolved from a very simple piece of thought of mine when I was walking across the street after I got out of the grocery store. I was just walking, with the grocery in my hand, and all of a sudden this stream of confusion went through my brain, and here it is, after months of figuring out and u know, drawing and all that.. here's it ready to be watched!
this is a little piece of my mind and a little celeste philosophy

hope y'all enjoy!


  1. celeste, I LOVE your film. its wonderfully animated and wonderfully drawn. When we meet up next semester, can you give me a copy of this film?

  2. NIIICE! great narrative... the best stories are those that are personal and also universal.

  3. ah yes, and good luck starting ur thesis