Thursday, February 18, 2010

+ -

I have a theory:
there are two kinds of people.
one is the +
one is the -
this could sound contradicting to my last post of "types" but it is not,
cuz it's two different mind sets,
and we can be + or - in different occasions.

the + people are the ones who positively know what they want.

the - people are like negative space, they know what they don't want to do. and then that shapes what they want to do. it's like eliminating. it is not a negative thing, negative space in a painting is just as important as the positive space.

well, im both + and - in different areas. but either way if u r the - kind, some of u may feel a lil paranoid or lost, cuz u might think u donno wut u wanna do, but just like I said, negative space! It is just as important is the positive space, it forms the composition, just from a different direction.

and it is just another celeste's theory.

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