Tuesday, March 23, 2010


celestetv proudly present: MY REEL 2010!!
this is my first reel ever made, and here's a little story about it.

A week ago, our floor manager came and told us that today March 23rd, Google Creative Lab is coming to look at our work, they might offer some gigs, and we ALL NEED to have our Reels done so we can present ourselves in the best manner. and yes us animation kids were all pulling all-nighters, taking a day off of work, even dressing up wearing heels to come to this event.

and they didn't show up,
and they didn't show up.

yup, we couldn't find Google .

it was kinda funny, like a practical joke but on them hahaa I thought that was very unprofessional of them to not have called or do anything, (and we're all waiting to know that they've better got a really really good excuse.) but I'm not that upset, cuz if it wasn't for this event, I would have never gotten my Reel and resume done.

So yeah, maybe this whole big deal about Google is just to get us to finish our Reel.

and in that fashion, it was a very successful event.

so here it goes,
celestetv presents Celeste Lai's 2010 Demo Reel.

enjoy everybody:-)


  1. I love this !!!!!
    I LOVE THE MERMAID (L) and the egg

  2. lovely reel! heh, i remember that day. sorry i know i promised i would comment, but i keep forgetting to go on blogger since i'm so caught up in stuff. i'll try my best to be social