Thursday, September 10, 2009

I've always wondered

i'm sitting by the big glass window in my room looking out, i see the city, and there are just about a million and one more windows out there.

and I've always wondered.

what are the stories behind all of them? there must be all these people just like me going to school everyday, going to work everyday, walking by the same buildings everyday, sitting by the window everyday wondering...
i guess in that case it makes it feel a little less lonely to be in the city. I love New York City, everyday I wake up and I just feel this energy of the city that I know, really, anything can happen here. but yeah it also feels a little lonely sometimes but it is the good kinda lonely like you feel a little poetic at the same time.

the sun is setting now, it is so red it looks like it's on fire, I like my little spot by the window, just wondering and pondering about stuff, it may be the only spot that i can truely feel existed in.

maybe, just wondering about the existence and all that blahblah... in my little spot by the window, just like the other thousand lighted windows out there in the city.

I've always wondered...

this is a clip we have to make after searching on craigslist personal ad, very interesting ads they got up there, very lonely people everywhere.

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